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Distance Counseling
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Distance Counseling is a wonderful opportunity made possible by state of the art technology to bring counseling, therapy and a therapeutic relationship to millions of people, not only in the USA, but internationally. Research indicates that telecounseling, as well, can be very effective, especially with a professionally trained counselor. Both e-mail counseling and telephone counseling provide greater convenience and time flexibility to counselor and client alike. In addition these modalities tend to be more structured than face-to-face counseling, and as a result, my clients and I find it is easier to keep the conversation more immediate, focused and specific than might occur among the distractions of an office session.

First of all, I believe I am particularly competent to practice Distance Counseling on e-mail, because of my graduate training and research in the ways people process the written word. In addition, my work in Biblio/poetry Therapy and the field of Literary Psychotherapeutics allows me to understand the “meta-text” of a written communication in ways that counselors without this training would likely not. My training gives me increased competence in the psychological interpretation of symbols and metaphors that expand understanding. This makes it easier for me to give feedback which the client can then clarify, affirm, or deny, as they record their responses on e-mail.

I have trained specifically in online counseling and therapy, and I maintain my license and continuing education. So, let me tell you about that training, so you may feel more confident, should you want to use this method. As distance methods have grown in popularity, the need for standards of practice and specialized counselor training has also grown. I have availed myself of the best training credentials, in my opinion, through Ready Minds, an affiliate of the trusted NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors). Distance Counseling involves some significant challenges. Training backed up by research in distance counseling and the use of technology is absolutely mandatory for people to be able to have a sense of security in using this methodology. My training focuses on the ethical issues involved in distance counseling, on informing clients about “best practices,” the legal issues involving DC, and possibly most challenging of all, how to provide that very important therapeutic alliance, or strong working relationship with you by way of long distance. Also, your distance counselor must maintain a high and current awareness about what technology will provide the most effective confidentiality and privacy for your communications, whether e-mail or telephone.

My Distance Counseling Certification (DCC) is 681.

Privacy and Confidentiality in Distance Counseling

Although it is impossible, with the state of the art as it is now, to guarantee that some breech of privacy isn’t possible by serious hackers, it is highly unlikely that the means I have chosen could easily be hacked through my service.

In order to provide the utmost in privacy and confidentiality in online counseling, I communicate with clients via Hushmail, an encrypted, HIPAA compliant privacy program. It is not necessary for you as a client to have Hushmail on your computer to communicate securely with me. However, if you wish, you may install and register the program yourself. Click on Hushmail for the information you need.

I would also consider using Skype with web cam, so long as we discuss and agree to the limits of confidentiality this technology affords. Additionally, for your privacy in telephone counseling, I have followed board recommendations for a land line.

If you are interested in Distance Counseling, click MTGPHD@aol.com to contact me or call me at 614-846-8880. We’ll determine the most comfortable means of technology that will meet your needs and then instructions will be sent for contact through our secure system.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you,



Prior to your first Distance counseling session, there is an online form that must be completed.

Please click here to go to the online form: Go to Online Form

To set up an online payment click on Paypal

Please note that I am also a member of ISHMO, The International Society for Mental Health Online. ISHMO is an international organization for online counseling, which promotes the development of online communication, information and technology. They provide opportunities for mental health professionals and clients to help develop new ethical guidelines, online technology, online discussion forums. As ISHMO indicates, they also help develop standards and practices for information and communication systems specific to mental health online, as well as online data bases and software to advance these professions. They work with other professional societies to encourage allocation of resources, and provide advice to legislators and governmental agencies in reference to the future of online mental health counseling, internationally.

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