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“I came to explore the wreck.
  The words are purposes.
  The words are maps.
  I came to see the damage that was done
  And the treasures that prevail.”
           ~ Adrienne Rich


It is a big step for most people to open the
door to self-discovery and self-awareness.

They may not walk through the door that
leads to hope. They may be afraid that what
they will find is wreckage from the life they
have been living.

I invite you to open the door and explore the
treasures that prevail inside you.

Yours for help on your journey
    and a happy ending,

  Marlene Talbott-Green, Ph.D.
Labrys Counseling and Therapy


“Either you will go through this door,
  or you will not go through. . .
  the door itself makes no promises.
  It is only a door.”
                       ~ Adrienne Rich